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Electrical engineering

The classic division of electrical engineering into high and low voltage engineering has been further subdivided over time.
Today we talk about energy, drive and telecommunications engineering.


Measuring and control technology

In all branches of engineering the various physical quantities are measured and often regulated to specified values: pressure, temperature, flow rate, weight, speed, power, voltage, current, etc.


Process control engineering

The definition of a technical process in accordance with DIN 6622 is as follows: A process is the forming and / or transport of matter, energy or information. The state variables of technical processes can be measured, controlled and / or regulated by technical means.


Information technology

Information technology interweaves technical computer science, which, inter alia, deals in networks, structure, function and interfaces of computers and their organization; and theoretical computer science, which deals with the processing, transmission and reproduction of information by means of abstraction, modelling and structuring.



1) Arrange a remote support session with our support team by
phone on 0214 323-0.

2) Start the remote maintenance program:

After successful connection our support staff can work with you to
analyse and solve problems directly on your computer.

During the remote session we can see your screen and operate
your PC. Therefore close all windows with confidential content and,
as a precaution, all programs that are not directly required and save
any unsaved documents.

During the session you can observe everything
that we do on your computer. This makes it easy
for us to demonstrate a malfunction or an error message.

Safety precautions

Every connection setup has to come from you.

It is not technically possible to access your network or PC from our system.

Nothing is installed or changed on your computer.

The support session only uses your existing internet connection.

There are no additional, chargeable telephone connections.