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Measurement and Control Technology Planning

Building on the basic planning we perform a manufacturer-independent detail planning and design.
A comprehensive functional test is performed after installation to offer you the highest level of security.
This forms the basis for optimum commissioning.
Our expertise is your security.

Our range of services:

  • Basic planning
    • Support during meeting on methods to be used
    • Support during HAZOP studies
    • Management or support during or performance of flow chart meetings
    • Revision of flow diagrams and schematics
    • Creation of function charts
    • Implementation of environmental protection measures in accordance with accepted rules of engineering
    • Development of control circuit, sensor and actuator design.
    • Creation of installation concepts
    • Creation of the process control device specificationn
    • Creation of device tenders
    • Creation transparent offer comparisons
    • Creation of cross-trade device information



  • Detail planning
    • Creation of process control points sheets
    • Order preparation, tracking against the timing plan, reviewing the order confirmations and incoming inspection.
    • Planning and design with CAE and CAD systems:
      • AutoCAD
      • AUCOPLAN
      • CUSY
      • PLANEDS
      • E-Plan
      • ES-CAD
      • PRODOK
      • Smart Plant Instrumentation
      • Como PT
    • Clarification and description of interfaces with other trades
    • Creation of assembly and disassembly documents
    • Creation of maintenance and inspection plans
    • Creation of recurring work plans
    • Creation of the final documentation
    • Creation of installation documentation
    • Creation of wiring lists
    • Creation of process control points and sheets
    • Archiving in a common database systems